alumniMain Beach has a history of developing Players and Coaches. Our volleyball programs have been instrumental in helping over 100 Main Beach athletes play volleyball at all levels in college. Our Coaching staff and Players have also continued with their volleyball careers coaching at the D1 and D2 and Junior College levels.

A key to the success of the Main Beach Programs has been the focus on education. Both Jan Furman and Gabby Houston are Kinesiology instructors at Cabrillo College. They have developed a comprehensive approach to volleyball that enables Players to build on their skills leveraging Gold Medal Squared as the baseline for instruction. Facilities, equipment and technology are also used to provide a complete volleyball education.


“I played for Main Beach VBC for three years. Jan and all of my other coaches worked closely with college coaches to give me a wide arrangement of collegiate opportunities. I was very blessed to get a spot at a Division 1, PAC 12 school, Oregon State University.

I honestly think I would not have had that opportunity if it were not for Main Beach. But the thing that really sets Main Beach apart is their family-focus. The club does a great job of emphasizing bonding not only within the teams but within the club. I am reminded of that every night with my “Main Beach” comfort blanket. A little part of home, away from home.”  — Lisa M.


“If your child hopes to play high school volleyball, playing club will elevate their skills to a much higher level.

My experience as a parent was being around the parents with same interests as my family and I. It gave me an opportunity to visit with them, make new friends and travel to new areas , but mostly see the joy and growth it brought to my daughter, her commitment to always strive to do better and being apart of the Main Beach Family. The family feeling was always there, with the constant focus on volleyball and the education for the game. I found it to be professionally run, organized and affordable.

I have and will continue to recommend this organization to all my friends and their kids.” — Jon M.