Types of Scholarships

Main Beach awards two types of scholarships: Named scholarships in honor of Trevor Kreig or Tianna Valdez, and Financial Aid.

Named scholarships – awarded based on essays written by the Girls player submitting for the scholarship. Up to $1,500 may be granted based on the essay submitted and evaluated by the MBVC Directors.

Trevor Kreig was a beloved coach for Main Beach who lost his life in a boating accident in 2012. He had a beautiful soul and demonstrated core values of an outstanding student, player, mentor and most of all, a coach. His passion for volleyball was infectious. The standards he set for his teams, his enthusiasm and love of players and their personal successes were like no other. No Mountain was High enough for Trevor Kreig. He was so loved by his family, friends, the coaching world and all that were fortunate enough to experience this amazing young man. His short life made an impact on so many. He will never be forgotten.

Tiana Valdez played for Main Beach for four years. She was diagnosed with cancer and, as expected, was just as she played volleyball–a fighter until the end. Tiana was the player that everyone wanted on their team because of her infectious smile an positive attitude. Tiana lived for and loved volleyball and Main Beach loved her. She approached school and volleyball the same–if you work hard, you reap many rewards. Tiana was an inspiration to all of us as we witnessed her fight with this disease. She will forever be remembered by Main Beach for her courage, strength, and her deep love of volleyball and her family.

To apply for Named Scholarships:

  • You must be a player who has played for Main Beach for at least one year and has demonstrated leadership, hard work and a passion for the game of volleyball
  • Submit an essay focused on what volleyball means to you and what your goals are both academically and as a student athlete

Financial Aid Scholarships – awarded based on the application submitted which includes

  • statement from the Player
  • a statement from the Parent
  • the Income Statement/Tax Return from the prior year

These scholarships are evaluated based on financial need (compared to other applicants at that time) and commitment to MBVC. The forms for applying for a Financial Aid Scholarship can be found in our Forms Section.

How and When to Apply

Scholarship applications are due 7 days prior to tryouts. See the Boys and Girls schedules for the tryout dates.

The completed essays or forms and supporting information are to be mailed to Main Beach Volleyball Club, P.O. Box 683, Capitola, CA 95010.

The Scholarship team will have decisions made by the tryout date and the results will be communicated to the families at that time.

Scholarship Fund

Help provide scholarships to those in need by making a donation to the Main Beach Volleyball Club Scholarship Fund.

Fundraising Mission – Why we do it and who it helps

Main Beach Volleyball Club teaches and supports volleyball players with a wide variety of volleyball skill sets. We also recognize the value of team sports and the life lessons learned on the court; teamwork, collaboration and communication skills. These are life lessons every athlete takes with them and leverages at home, at play and in their future careers.
In 2006 Main Beach Volleyball Club recognized there were volleyball players in our community who were not able to participate in club volleyball due to the cost. Our coaches could see the potential and the drive they had and recognized that the expense of playing would place a burden on the family. The Main Beach Board of Directors was determined not to overlook these potential players and offered financial aid to families in need. For the players and their families that receive this support, it is an opportunity that will open doors for them later in life.
Main Beach Volleyball Club is a California non-profit, and all donations are tax deductible. Note that scholarships are awarded based on need by a committee of board and community members who examine applicants financial information to insure that funds go to those most in need.


“Main Beach Volleyball Club entered my life in a time where I didn’t know how much I needed it. That whole year of my life was exceedingly difficult for many reasons including family turmoil, and attending a new school. I was enlisted in the foster system, and therefore did not have the financial ability to pay for a club volleyball team. However, Main Beach offered me the unique opportunity to play for them under a scholarships run by donations.

During the season that I played for Main Beach my team and I qualified to go to the Junior National Tournament in New Orleans, Louisiana. Beneath my immense excitement, I was plagued with worrying about how I was ever going to be able to pay for the trip. After months of working hard, and fundraising I still did not have enough money to make it to the tournament. However, after practice one day I received an anonymous donation which made it possible for me to go on the trip to Louisiana with the rest of my team.

Being able to go to Louisiana for the Volleyball Junior National Championships still, and will always be, one of the most precious memories I possess. Not only was the trip to Louisiana an amazing journey, it was also a pivot point in my life that showed hope, and the positive outcome that will result from hard work.

I am now in my sophomore year at Oregon State University and majoring in Agricultural Business. I would someday like to be able to help a player as I was helped by Main Beach. I will be forever grateful for have been given the opportunity to play for this club.

Volleyball has always been an outlet for me throughout life, and I have loved using it as a channel to grow through. The culture and shelter that Main Beach has provided to me I will forever be grateful to; along with the people that have entered my life because of it. I am so grateful for the boost that was given to me to accomplish what I have set out to do. The difference that these donations made in my life has not gone unnoticed, and I can guarantee that the other children your donations help will feel equally as grateful. I send the deepest of thank yous to Main Beach Volleyball Club, and its donors for truly helping to better my life.”

“I have been been thinking about how much my life has changed over the past six months. I graduated in June. So, since then I worked all summer, went to college in Seattle and had to come home because the school was far too expensive and am now at Cabrillo.

I wanted to email you because I am so grateful so everything you and all the coaches and people I met through Main Beach. I may not talk to everyone all the time, but playing for Main Beach allowed me create connections with the girls I played with and the coaches that wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else. I still miss playing everyday, and wish I could again.

Everything you guys taught about being part of a team has left such a mark in my life and has helped my in every aspect of my life. I may not be a part of Main Beach anymore, but I’m so thankful to you guys. For helping me be able to pay when I couldn’t afford it. It was the best part of my adolescent years and I will be forever grateful to you guys. Thank you for your never-ending kindness, generosity and understanding.

Thank you again”

How to Give

Donating is easy, tax deductible and a wonderful investment in a young volleyball player’s future.

Or send your contribution to:

Main Beach Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 683, Capitola, CA 95010.

Write “Scholarship Fund” in the memo field of your check. You can also designate the funds are to go specifically to the Girls or Boys program. THANK YOU!

2019 Annual Fundraising Event

Our Third Annual Scholarship Fundraising Event is May 19th, 2019.

Cost to attend per person includes appetizers, beer, wine and other drinks, a silent auction, cornhole toss, and a bocce tournament.

The event is open to the entire community.

If you are interested in attending, donating or helping with the event, please fill out this form, or contact Nico Peruzzi at