Fall 2020 Boys Training Groups

Main Beach Volleyball Club normally plays in the NCVA Boys Power League and Far Western Qualifier tournament, but will not this season due to Covid-19. The #1 priority is the safety of our players, coaches, parents, and communities.

The 2020 Fall 10-week training session begins at the beginning of August and continues until October.

Kendall/Jacob – Pine

Jimmy Bregman
Sean Byram
Jasper Cormier
Lowell Greene
Ronan Lee
Ayden Patel
Bhrij Patel
Mattia Polverosi
Tobin Walpole

PK/Alex – Redwood

Ethan Durns
Nolan Durns
Noa Jenkins
Owen Levy
Zakary Prochaska
Jay Rosencranz
Liam Smith-Ballon
Leonardo Tuncer
Christopher Zueck

Jake/Allison – Willow

Jacob Carter
Aidan Cinque
Ryan Kolderup
Jackson Miller
Finley Roberts
Nicholas Sepka
Zachary Stack

Morgan/Justin – Oak

Cooper Lastition
Nathan Monroe
Ryan Phea
Josh Rejfir
Leo Sapunor
Abe Schmidt
Devin Schneider
Anthony Sepka
Troy Thompson
Ryan Wait
Asher Webb