2020 Fees

Fall Youth Season fees include tournament fees, t-shirt, gym time, coach salaries, and insurance.

Regular season fees include all NCVA and special tournament fees, uniforms, bags and hotels for 2-3 day tournaments. Other items covered are coaching and staff salaries, facility use, equipment, administrative fees and insurance.

2020 Tournament Schedule


18 Elite Travel: $3600 (includes all hotels – but not flights)
17 Travel: $3950 (includes hotels for regionals in Reno and the Reno Qualifier) ***
16 Travel: $3950 (includes hotels for regionals in Reno and the Reno Qualifier)
16/15 Power: $3600 (includes hotels for regionals in Reno)
15 Travel: $3950 (includes hotels for regionals in Reno and the Reno Qualifier)
14 Power: $3600
13 Power: $3500
13/12 Premier: $2800

*** If the 17’s want to go to another qualifier (Colorado or Ohio) it is an extra $400 per player per tournament which covers entry fee, hotels and coaches and team Mom flights. No player flights. This will be discussed after the team is selected.

Costs include:

  • Coaches and Staff Salaries
  • NVCA Power/Premier league fees, coaches, team mom fees, administrative fees
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Facility Fees and Insurance
  • Nike apparel warmups, jerseys and spandex with a back pack and 3 practice shirts.
  • Equipment, coaches flights and stipends, Holiday party and banquet.
  • For players  wishing to participate in a sport specific training program –  a class can be arranged for an additional fee.

Main Beach Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization. Our tax I.D. number can be provided by request.

Payments can be made by CREDIT CARD THROUGH OUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT or by CHECK made out to “Main Beach VBC” and sent to: MBVBC, P.O. Box 683, Capitola, CA. 95010

At the commitment signing, players pay $500.

OPTION A: Full season paid in full by Jan. 5, 2020. (less $500 signing fee)

OPTION B: The remaining balance (after signing fee) paid in three payments with a $50 processing fee per payment.

Payment option is your total club fee (minus $500 signing fee)  divided by 3 . (Add $50 per payment)

Example:  $2000 – $500 = $1500.    $1500 /3 = $500 per payment + $50 = $550

Jan. 5, 2020 – Payment #1 is due
Feb. 5, 2020 – Payment #2 is due
March 5, 2020 – Payment #3 is due

There are no refunds. Please refer to our handbook for more information.