Program Description

Main Beach is offering a 2021 Winter Program. Please go to the Winter Program page for more information.

littlegirlAlthough all ages practice at the same time and place, they are divided into three different courts based on skill level. The players themselves choose which group they believe they fall into and where they would like to train. Giving the players the power of their own self selection allows them to understand the skills that they should have before they advance as well as gives them a sense of autonomy in their own play.

At any point in our session the players may change groups to where they feel they fit best. I encourage players to start where they feel comfortable but work to advance to a higher group at least once in the season.

The coaches and recommended age ranges can offer insight to where players should begin, however, the more time spent in the gym the greater the understanding the players will have of where their current abilities place them.

For every hour that a player is in the gym, their play will get better. That being said all players advance at different rates and what we look for as coaches is effort over talent. Coachability is one of the best attributes of a player especially at this age. With hardwork and perseverance skill progression is inevitable.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Main Beach’s Youth Programs have the following learning goals and objectives, which differ for various age groups.


General Age Range: 5th grade and under
Learning Focus:

  • Fundamentals: Learn all basic skills — pass, set, hit, serve; coach mediated game-like play
  • Team building: Learn inter-dependency on the court and communication skills for game-like play

Objective Outcomes:

  • Learn to achieve a level of comfort on the court and an understanding of the importance of teamwork
  • Ability to perform fundamental skills: Pass, set, hit, and serve from some area on the court over some net height

Middle School Readiness

General Age Range: 6th and 7th grade

Learning Focus:

  • Fundamentals training: Repetition of basic skills, and use of basic skills in faster play
  • Positions introduction: Learn the roles of an outside hitter, middle blocker, setter, and defensive specialist
  • Game-like to Game Speed Play: Begin with coach mediated play and progress to full game play

Objective Outcomes:

  • Understand the responsibilities of each position
  • Ability to pass offensive attacks
  • Ability to set off of a pass
  • Ability to approach and hit a set

Players In Training

General Age Range: 8th grade and advanced players

Learning Focus:

  • Fundamentals fine tuning: Consistent repetition of basic skills
  • Position focused training: Learn the responsibilities of each position, and become comfortable playing two or more positions
  • Game speed play: Live speed play, rotations introduction, main focus on serve receive and defense

Objective Outcomes:

  • Learn 6-2 and 5-1 rotations
  • Learn serve receive positions
  • Learn defensive positions against the outside hitter and middle blocker
  • Ability to apple fundamental skills to any given position

Please contact Jan Furman for more information about the Main Beach Volleyball Club Youth Programs. or 831-345-1441