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Santa Cruz Beach VB Club Spring and Summer Programs

Looking for a beach program?

Main Beach is proud to promote and work with Santa Cruz Beach Volleyball Club. Their Spring and Summer programs are now available on their website 

Offering all levels of play:

1) Summer Flex Beginner - beginning programs used to introduce players to beach volleyball

2) Summer Flex Intermediate/Advanced - designed for players with some beach volleyball experience and/or some indoor volleyball experience interested in playing more beach volleyball

3) Advanced Training Groups  - designed for players that have participated in 1+ intermediate training groups and are starting to commit to more focus on beach volleyball (there will be some older indoor volleyball players that can fit into an advanced training group);

4) Travel Training Groups - designed for players that are interested in playing collegiate beach volleyball and experiencing the college recruiting process. These groups are committed to traveling to tournaments, particularly in Southern California (LA area).

Training Group tryouts for Spring and Summer have happened and are closed. If you still want to try to join a Training Group please email:

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