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Main Beach Volleyball Club (MBVC) was formed by Jan Furman and Gayle Stammer in Santa Cruz County in 2002 to provide a competitive junior volleyball program for local female athletes. MBVC is a California non-profit corporation (EIN Tax ID # 54-2091843) overseen by a seven member board from the local community who meet monthly.

The Goals of Main Beach Volleyball Club
  • To provide a complete and competitive volleyball club to meet the needs of the Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties.

  • To provide a healthy competitive environment for all players.

  • To improve the skill level of the athlete.

  • To prepare athletes to compete at the college level.

  • To provide a coaching staff that is knowledgeable about the game and communicates well with players.

  • To provide a high level of technical training through structured and disciplined practices.

  • To compete at the highest level through the NCVA power league and other competitive tournaments.

  • To qualify for the Junior Nationals.


Main Beach was founded in 2002 by Jan Furman and Gayle Stammer as a California Non-Profit Corporation. The initial focus was to provide a girls competitive volleyball program. They were very successful, as each year, one or more of the Main Beach teams qualified and competed at the Junior Nationals. As the needs of our volleyball community have changed, Main Beach has responded. In 2010, the boys program was added to Main Beach lead by Matt Schultz, followed by the sand program in 2012 lead by Mark Hull and Lucas Bol. In 2016, Lucas Bol split off the sand program to form the Santa Cruz Beach Volleyball Club so that Main Beach could focus on the indoor volleyball game. In the summer of 2022 Justin Bates formed the boys club Kinnect Volleyball, and Main Beach will once again be solely a girls club. Main Beach has been happy to help launch the Sand and Boys programs to better serve the Santa Cruz volleyball community. 

Main Beach has a history of developing players and coaches. Our volleyball programs have been instrumental in helping over 100 Main Beach athletes play volleyball at all levels in college. Our coaching staff and players have also continued with their volleyball careers coaching at the D1, D2 and Junior College levels.

A key to the success of the Main Beach Programs has been the focus on education. Both Jan Furman and Gabby Houston are Kinesiology instructors at Cabrillo College. They have developed a comprehensive approach to volleyball that enables Players to build on their skills leveraging Gold Medal Squared as the baseline for instruction. Facilities, equipment and technology are also used to provide a complete volleyball education.

Board of Directors
President - Wendy Grande
Executive Director - Jan Furman
Program Director - Branden Torado
Assistant Admin - Gabrielle Houston Neville
Members at Large – Rosemary Brogan, Barbara Gruda and Erik Nelson
Secretary - Meg Hal
Parent Advisor – Dee Corlett

Jan Furman 

Executive Director

Branden Torado

Program Director

Gabrielle Houston Neville

Assistant Admin

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