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Current Signups & Tryouts

Our coaches work with your player based on experience.  Advanced players will be placed on to teams with competition history so as to build on the skills they've acquired in a previous season or more.

Fall Competitive Season 

Main Beach offers a 3 month program from mid-August through October for 6th - 8th graders with or without competitive experience. This program is for advanced players who wish to compete locally. Coachability is one of the best attributes of a player especially at this age. With hard work and perseverance skill progression is inevitable. Team placement takes place in August.

NCVA League Season 

For the more experienced players, we offer teams starting at the 12 and under age bracket.  See our Competitive Teams page for more details. Tryouts take place in the Fall.


7th and 8th grade

Our older group is focused on simulating game-like play and being able to ball control in faster paced drills. Our drills can be more complex and multi-dimensional, requiring players to have a solid foundation and understanding of all basic skills.


  • Refine basic skills in faster play

  • Work on achieving game-like play through ability to serve, receive, and rally.

  • Learn basic rotations and positions on court

  • Play zones of coverage and understand defensive responsibilities, while communicating with teammates.

  • Preparation for competitive/high school play

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