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Competitive Teams

Main Beach offers competitive Regional and Travel teams based on the players needs and skills.

Training and Conditioning

In addition to regularly scheduled practices, during the off-season (and regular season by request) we provide clinic sessions to work on core skills in a group setting. Additionally, we offer strength and jump training sessions to help prepare our athletes for our high impact sport, teaching movements and building stability to safeguard against injuries.

  • Circuit training workouts to build strength with equipment such as medicine balls and resistance bands as well as no equipment, body weight exercises.

  • Focused on preparing athletes for the club or high school season.

  • Work on serve, receive, attack, and defense with game-like drills and situations.


Rising Stars

We work with our youngest age groups to develop fundamentals in passing, setting, serving, and hitting in a fun and teamwork oriented environment. Whether your child has no experience, or some experience through P.E or other sources, Rising Stars is a great way for your child to engage with volleyball. Players may be moved based on ability level or experience.

Current Signups
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