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Current Elementary - Middle School Signups

Our coaches work with our youngest age groups to develop fundamentals in passing, setting, serving, and hitting in a fun and teamwork oriented environment. Whether your child has no experience, or some experience through P.E or other sources, Rising Stars is a great way for your child to engage with volleyball. Players may be moved based on ability level or experience.

6th grade and under

For our youngest age group, we focus on creating a fun and encouraging environment for them to learn the sport. Volleyball is complex and difficult, and it takes a lot to be able to rally, so we craft drills that allow the littlest Rising Stars to build upon their fundamentals and prepare them for the next level.


  • Acquire foundation for basic skills: passing, setting, serving, hitting

  • Work in coach mediated drills

  • Learn communication and teamwork skills to prepare for next level of play

  • Gain understanding of volleyball vocabulary


7th and 8th grade

Our older group is focused on simulating game-like play and being able to ball control in faster paced drills. Our drills can be more complex and multi-dimensional, requiring players to have a solid foundation and understanding of all basic skills.


  • Refine basic skills in faster play

  • Work on achieving game-like play through ability to serve, receive, and rally.

  • Learn basic rotations and positions on court

  • Play zones of coverage and understand defensive responsibilities, while communicating with teammates.

  • Preparation for competitive/high school play

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