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2024-25 Season Club Commitment

Main Beach Volleyball Club (MBVC) will have 2 tiers of competition:  Elite & Power/Premier teams.


Elite Teams

Elite teams will participate in the NCVA Power League  This year all (14-18s) will participate in the USA Volleyball Nationals.  Participation in Nationals is MANDATORY and is not up to the individual to decide AFTER accepting a position on an Elite level team. 


Athletes that sign a commitment to participate on an Elite level team and choose not to go to Nationals will be charged a $1k penalty fee as they not only damage the club by doing this but also damage their teams from effectively competing. 

Competing at the Junior Nationals tournament is an experience like no other

Players are exposed to an elevated level of the game, in turn providing a new perspective for, and heightened awareness of, teamwork, leadership and respect for your opponent.  Furthermore, the exposure to collegiate recruiters is second to none.

Power/Premier Teams

Power/Premier teams will participate in the NVCA Power League which includes a qualifier, 3 Power League tournaments, regionals, as well as 2 other tournaments.

Committing to Club Volleyball is an undertaking that needs to be clearly understood as a parent/guardian and player.  

  1. Parents are committing to ensure their players are attending all practices & tournaments 

  2. Parents are responsible for their players’ financial obligation.  Once a commitment to the club is made, there can be no refunds; the reason being that these fees are used to fund the coaches, equipment, facilities, etc. to run the program. 

  3. Parents are expected to accept that “playing time is not equal” when players engage in a competitive club experience; it is not recreational, as we are practicing to develop each player’s skills and we are playing to be competitive at the highest level of each team.

  4. Parents need to be intentional about teaching their players to be RESPECTFUL of their COACHES' and TEAMMATES' time commitments. This is essential to the SUCCESS of your players and the Club. 



Commitment to the club season cannot be emphasized enough because this is a TEAM SPORT as opposed to an individual sport.  It is required that every player be at every practice and every tournament.  

Players that miss practice or tournaments unfairly impact the rest of the Players and Coaches.


  1. Before committing to MBVC Parents need to review the Practice Times and Tournament Schedules to ensure 100% participation.  


All practices will be held at Cabrillo College or New Brighton Middle School location(s). Practices will be held 2 days per week in the evenings + Sundays (when there is not a tournament scheduled). 



Fees for Club Volleyball cover the following costs:

  1. Training and Coaching

  2. Tournament Entry Fees 

  3. Admin Fees/Coaches Professional Development  

  4. Building Maintenance & Facilities 

  5. Coaches Salaries, Travel, Oraganizational Membership(s), Background Screening, Apparel (both Head Coach and Assistant 

  6. Uniform Package (2 Jersey, 3 Practice Shirts, 2 pairs of spandex, Warm Up Pants, & either Jacket or Sweatshirt + Backpack). 



For teams that go to Nationals the hotel costs will be covered for Players (4:room).

Flight fees are not included.  


When traveling to Tournaments in California, club fees do not include hotels or transportation. 

Upon accepting  a spot on the MBVC team, the parent/guardian must understand that they are responsible for ALL fees.  

2024-25 Season Fee information will be posted soon.

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