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2022 Girls Team Commitments

Congrats to all of the players who were selected for the 2022 Main Beach Volleyball Club Season.

We have a great coaching staff and they are excited about their teams. We will be posting the team rosters soon! Thank you all for coming to tryouts. I know that it is a difficult and stressful time for all!

A few informational announcements that you need to know...

The cost of the 2022 club season:

  • 17,16,15 Travel Teams = $4,550

  • 16,15 Power Teams = $3,850

Travel teams will be going to Far Westerns in Reno as well as Nationals. The fees do not include hotels, flights or food but does include entry fees and all of the coaches fees for those tournaments. (All fees details are here.)

All players need to sign a letter of commitment and pay a $500.

Commitment meeting is this Sunday Sept. 22 from 1 - 3p.m. at the Cabrillo College gym.

Forms will be available at signing. All need to wear masks.

A non-refundable deposit is due by that time. The $500 can either be paid by bringing a check made out to 'Main Beach' or you can pay on line and bring the receipt.


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