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Girls 2021 Program

Main Beach will have the following teams for the 2021 season:

  • 17 Yelena

  • 16 PK

  • 16 Connor

  • 15 Brandon

  • 14 Gabby

  • 14 Ashley

All Fall Teams will practice 3 days a week. There will be no tournament competition for the Fall Program. This program is designed to train and develop players in preparation for high school and the 2021 club season.

Beginning in January or February – Main Beach teams will compete in the Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA) tournaments and a post-season tournament. The NCVA is the Northern California affiliate of USA Volleyball, the national governing body for amateur volleyball. All tournament matches are played within the rules of USA Volleyball.

The difference between the Travel teams and the Power teams is that the Travel teams will attend a National Qualifier and the the Power teams participate in Power League, but do not participate in any National Qualifiers.

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